Friday, 15 April 2016

Gelli Printing day with Sophie - some of the prints she made.

Here are some of the untrimmed prints from the book we made together.  Unfortunately the gold shimmery paint does not show through on the scans so some of them look a bit flat here.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gelli Printing day with my granddaughter.

Last week I had a lovely crafty day with my granddaughter Sophie.  We did some more mono printing with my 8 x 10 inch Gelli Plate.  I showed her how to put on the paint and use the brayer to spread the paint over the Gelli Plate.

We used lots of different colours and I showed her how to use stencils and pull the prints.  We layered over prints to get more dimension.  Once we had about 10 prints that she liked we let them dry, trimmed them and folded them together to make her book.  She chose a lovely pink swirly patterend one for the cover and then we watched a video on how do do a three hole pamplet stitch and stiched her book together.

She looked through my stash of stamps and chose a different one for each of the inside blank pages to accent them ~ her favourite one was "Keep Calm and Craft On".  We also added a couple of stamped butterflies to the front and added some collaged butterflies as well.

I showed her how to use my Big Shot machine and we die cut some letters for her name and glued them onto the front.  Some paper flowers were added for embellishment and we finished off the centres with some gems.  I found a metal key and tied it onto the book as she had seen one on a picture I had shown her and loved it.

(In between all of this we baked some cup cakes and iced them as well!)

Here is the finished book and a very happy Sophie!!

(I will put up another post later on to show some of the lovely prints we made)