Monday, 28 May 2018

Ladies Diary Junk Journal

Finally managed to finish one of my journals I have been working on for ages and have now put it up for sale in my Etsy shop.  It's a lovely hard cover journal with approximately 200 sides with tags and envelopes for jounalling etc.

Products used: Ladies Diary paper Graphic 45, Edith Holden and various coffe/tea stained papers.
Anna griffin flowers and cards, various lace beads, images from Pinterest. A book of roses, Tim Holtz photo booth strip and various handmade envelopes and emabellishments.

Inspiration: Nik the Booksmith, Tracey Fox Love Junk Journals, IzzyBee Craft Creations, Zoe Tofield, Amity Bloom, Jibid Neary, Wendy’s Journal Adventures, I’m a Cool Mom, Yvonne Preston, Sigitas Coffee Stains And many, many more….

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

More Tags....

I was also playing about with some 6 x 6 pads to make into tags similar to the other botanical ones I made.  With these I folded the paper in half vertically and die cut an aperture.  Using some small floral stickers I had in my stash, I stuck these onto some tracing paper and sandwiched them in between two layers.  I then glued this inside the folded paper to make a tag.

I used different dies to create various apertures for interest.

On some I added some stamping in between the two layers.

Some Close Ups

Hope you like them...

Shaker Cards

 I was recently watching a YouTube channel where a lady had made TN inserts ready for sale and added a shaker card to each of them so I thought I would have a go, as I have not made one for ages.  I will put her name and a link to her channel below.

The first one I did following her instrucions was a square one using the celephane from a card bag and some offcuts of card from a recent project (which I may add this to it).   I cut out the card long enough to fold and added an aperture using a die from my collection then made a frame to go around the aperture to add some interest.  I cut the celophone and adhered it to a square of card and filled it with some leaves, beads and micro beads as I didn't have any sequins.  I sealed it up and stuck it to the folded card and sealed it all down.  

Not too bad for a first attempt, but it seemed quite a longwinded way of doing it to me so I attempted to cut down on a couple of stages to see if it worked.  Instead of taping the celophone to a separate piece of card I taped it to the back piece of card on the shaker and once I had taped the sides down I filled it again with the beads and sealed it up.  Yes! it seems to work well but to be honest it was still fiddly and I dont think it saved much time but still looks good.  I actually like it with the small beads they make a nice satisfying beady sound and the micro beads come in lovely colours too.

I tried a few with various aperture shapes made with different dies and papers and am pleased with the first results (and the cut out apertures can be used in your journals as tuck spots or small jouranlling spaces).

Then I thought to myself "why not try and make a shaped shaker card?"....  So bravely venturing on into the unknown, I cut out two oval shapes with one having a cut out in the centre for the shaker window.  I adhered the celophane to the front part and added thin tape all around the edges of the shape.  This was very fiddly I have to say and took a bit of time.  I didnt think it would work but bravely carried on.  I left part of the oval open so I could fill it with beads and then sealed it up and "voila" a shaped shaker card.  I dont know if anybody else has attempted this but I haven't seen any so far.  I should have chosen a larger shape as it would have been easier to bend the tape around but it looks quite cute.  

IzzyBee Craft Creations - Channel Link

Link to her Christmas Tn Flit through with shakers

Link to her shaker video
Botany Journal - Flower Specimen Tags  (Fake Flower Version)

I have been following Jibid Neary on YouTube for quite a while now and she does some beautiful pressed flower specimen tags.  (I will link Below) In one of her videos she says that some countries she posts to will not allow plant specimens to be brought into the country so some of her ladies she sells to can't receive the beautiful cards/ tags with the specimens on. 

I had an idea (again I don't know if anybody else has thought of this) to create a fake flower specimen card using my Tim Holtz Wildflower #2  dies I received as a present from my Mum (Thanks Mum).
Dont get me wrong these are in no way anywhere near the delicate and truly beautiful ones she creates for her Herbarium/Botanical tags and journals, but I thought they might make a pretty alternative. Her journals are so tactile and fabulous and she must spend so much time on them.

I thought to myself that the die cuts would look lovely inside a specimen card behind some sort of vellum or tracing paper window so you would get the shape and look of a specimen but none of the customs hassle sending live plants.

I first cut out all the dies from some craft paper and measued them so I could create some tags with a window aperture. Then I cut out some tracing paper to fit the apertures and positioned the die cut behind the window and secured it in position.  I then added a back to the card and sealed it up.  I'm really pleased with the results and will be making more for my two Botanical themed journals I have in progress.  (I may make some sets and sell them in my Etsy Store, as they would be a lovely addition to nay botanical themed journals.)

I am sure there will be lots of ways of doing this using different papers, stamps etc. and will post some more up when I have finished playing with them.

Jibid Neary - Channel Link

Botanical Tag Set Showcase (and chat!)

Link to her Herbariums, Tags and Chat No.2